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Electric Grill
Jul 05, 2018




The electric baking pan is a modern popular smokeless non-stick grilling device that is also versatile. The electric baking pan comprises a disc body, an electric heating element, a heating element frame, a socket, a thermostat, a warm layer and a bottom plate, wherein the electric heating element frame is arranged in the disk body, and the electric heating element is mounted on the electric heating element frame Above, a tray coated with a non-stick coating is disposed above the electric heating element, wherein the electric baking tray is popular with no oil smoke and no pollution to the product.

Nowadays, the popular barbecue is delicious. In the past, there will be a lot of smoke at the same time as the barbecue. The characteristics of its smoke are not enough for the development of today's commercial development. Slowly developed this smokeless electric baking pan, its biggest feature is that it is smokeless and non-sticky, it can be non-stick smokeless and its unique features can be used as a flat fried rice to satisfy the barbecue. You can also cook, and the electric baking pan is slowly favored by more young white-collar workers and housewives who love beauty.   Electric grill (1).png


1).Intelligent temperature control Automatic insulation function: can maintain the temperature of the food, and also protect the product to prevent excessive dry burning

2).The electric baking pan has the function of smokeless grilling and can also be fried, fried and branded.

3).Smokeless non-stick Electric baking pan is a tray coated with a non-stick coating. It is non-sticky and suitable for commercial use.

Electric grill (3).png



      1:This product is a human care device. When heating, it is strictly forbidden to touch the bottom of the pot by hand to avoid burns. Keep out of reach of children.

                 2:In the use, you can not use metal objects in the flat plate to stir fry you need nylon shovel or bamboo wood.

                 3:The power plug must not be plugged into a single three-hole socket with grounding protection.

                 4:The power supply must be in accordance with our technical specifications.

                 5:In order to ensure the safety of products and life, this product is equipped with safety protection temperature limit device (temperature controller). When used, the temperature will automatically cut off when the temperature exceel the setting temperature.When the temperature in the pot automatically drops to the working temperature, the indicator light is on and the indicator is normal. 

                 6:Proper placement: Place on a stable table or table, taking care not to get close to fire and flammable materials.

                 7:There must be no water in the power switch.

                 8:When there is water in the flat plate, the oil in the grill will splash. Please pay attention to the safety while grilling.

                 9: When the product is not in use, be sure to turn off the power.

Electric grill (4).png

         When cleaning

     1:When the electric baking pan is cleaned, first pull out the power cord and put it in the water to clean it. This whole                      

 body is waterproof and no need to worry.

                2:When cleaning, remember that it is not possible to clean the surface with a hard cleaning tool such as a cleaning ball to avoid scratching the non-stick coating.

                3:The washed dish must be dried and stored in the box.

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