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Natural Space Gas Heaters

Model No.:AD-G3000 Gas option:Lpg or natural gas Material:Stainless iron, thickness 0.8mm Item size:27cmx33.5cm Heating capacity:4000-6000 btu/hr N.W/G.W:15Kgs/16kgs Pcs/ctn:6pcs/ctn Container Size 20FT 40HQ Quantity 956 2300 Features: The Living Flame LPG Portable heater is perfect for warming...

Model No.:AD-G3000  Gas option:Lpg or natural gas   

Material:Stainless iron, thickness 0.8mm   Item size:27cmx33.5cm

Heating capacity:4000-6000 btu/hr   N.W/G.W:15Kgs/16kgs   Pcs/ctn:6pcs/ctn   

Container Size   20FT   40HQ

Quantity         956    2300


The Living Flame LPG Portable heater is perfect for warming the home! This andong gas heater is so good, we use the exact same product to heat our office. With variable heat settings, automatic ignition within the controls and long lasting blue flame burners, This heater will keep you warm whils still looking good! The living flame effect complete with coals  will make any space comfortable and welcoming. The ODS (oxygen depletion system) safety valve and flame failure device means that the gas will cut off if the oxygen levels are too low or if the cabinet should fall over.

Product details:

1. Steel surface treatment by ECO electroplating technique to avoid steel rust

ODS protection(hypoxia protection),when use it indoor,once the concentration of carbon dioxide is over safe limit,it will automaticlly shut down.

2. Imported heat-resistant fire net,net life more than 10 years

Flame-out production,when the wind blows out the flame,it will automaticlly shut off the gas.


Turning on:

1. Connect a rubber hose to the gas container connection pipe.Fasten the rubber hose fixture.

2. Connect the rubber hose to a gas container.

3. Push the switch lever at the OFF position and turn it counterclockwise.

4. Make sure the heater gets ignited.

*if it fails to get ignited,take the above step(3)again.

*(check to see if the gas container is empty)

5. Turn the switch lever clockwise or counterclockwise to have an optimum temperature.

6. Please keep the pneumatic pressure below 2800pa while it is working.

Turning off:

1. Turn the switch lever back to the OFF position.

2. Make sure the heater element gets completely turn off.

*when the gas container becomes empty,replace it with full one.    

Our electric coil hot plate passed CE,CB,GS,ROHS

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