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Non Stick Electric Bbq Pan

Model No.:AD-SS-G7 Size:600x350x75mm Voltage:110-127V/220-240V Power:1800W Pcs/ctn:8pcs/ctn Container Size 20FT 40HQ Quantity 912 2364 Features: BARBECUE BBQ COOK AD-SS-G7 Multifunctional Andong Electric- Barbeque Set with glass lids is perfect for household use. The set accommodate cooking hot...

Model No.:AD-SS-G7  Size:600x350x75mm  Voltage:110-127V/220-240V

Power:1800W  Pcs/ctn:8pcs/ctn   

Container Size   20FT   40HQ

Quantity         912    2364




Multifunctional Andong Electric- Barbeque Set with glass lids is perfect for household use.  The set accommodate cooking hot pot and BBQ or grill at the same time.

Usage:  suitable for Indoor, Outdoor Garden Party

Condition: New (Unused)

Property: (1) Modern shapes. Suitable for use in a variety of forms, whether stewed, boiled, fried, fried, hot, etc. can be selected as needed, with the heat adjustment knob temperature. With dial indicator On and off according to the operation of the heater. Allows you to save and safe in all applications.

(2) Easy to move and easy to clean. The plug can be detached from the machine. Help ensure a more secure. The product has been standard or TIS.

 (3) The heat soon The pot is made of aluminum coated O-Flon make non-stick cookware. Cleaned off easily Adjust the heat level 5 pan with a diameter of 40 cm Pot 2 liter capacity, 1800 watts of power to meet every need of yours.

Add on: plug convertor for your country  (Not Voltage convertor)

ANDONG  has an ongoing policy of research and development and may modify these products without prior notice.

Usage Note:

●Allow about 15 minutes to fully preheat the surface while you gather your steaks, kebabs, or others

  to be grilled.

●The electric heat has an adjustable range from low (For keeping food warm) to high (For searing steaks).

●The nonstick drip tray collects drippings, put some water into the drip tray while grilling to avoid oil

  cooking fumes, dry, peeling and make it easier to clean.

●After grilling is complete, wipe the cooking surface clean simply.

 Our electric coil hot plate passed CE,CB,GS,ROHS
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