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Electric Bbq Outdoor Party

Model No.:AD-SS-46 Size:570x330x110mm Voltage:110-127V/220-240V Power:1800W Pcs/ctn:4pcs/ctn Container Size 20FT 40HQ Quantity 492 1276 • Features: rids of smell and smoke when grilling Meat, Fish by taking in smoke to purify and prevents pollution in air. Stops oil from defusing in to air with...

Model No.:AD-SS-46  Size:570x330x110mm  Voltage:110-127V/220-240V

Power:1800W  Pcs/ctn:4pcs/ctn   

Container Size   20FT   40HQ

Quantity         492    1276

• Features:  rids of smell and smoke when grilling Meat, Fish by taking in smoke to purify and prevents pollution in air. Stops oil from defusing in to air with attached motor to prevent oil condensing in to air and oil tray to collect oils. (English Manual included)

• All compartment aside from electrical parts, is detachable and easy to clean and is dish washer friendly.

• Non-Stick marble coating is efficient and prevent grease build up and from other foods used with. Coated 3 times for easy to wash and dish washer safe.

• Low power consumption and energy saving ability saves power by 50% (890W). Micro switch triple safety buttons are strongly built in even when fallen by accident or from other physical damage.

Andong grill is exceptional in quality and uses DNW’s own technology which has been tested for durability and performance. DNW technology allows for using far-infrared (not heating wire) improve taste and promote a healthy way to cook. The new Andong grill is smoke-smell free and prevents grease from evaporating in air. The grill is designed with 'Easy fit' components. It has 5 parts such as the grill pan, heating plate, oil guide, oil collector and the outer shell which can be disassembled and assembled very easily. The new grill pan features non-stick coating Marble and prevent sticking on the surface. It is also ECO friendly and saves power by 50% less than other grills in the market. Its Triple safety switch shuts down the grill automatically when accidently fallen. Whether it's fish, meat or vegetable you're grilling up, enjoy smoke-smell free with

• Andong Indoor grill, Non stick, Smokeless, Smell Free, electric, BBQ Grill (220Volt)  

• Never place the appliance directly onto a fragile surface (glass table,

• cloth, varnished furniture...).

Usage Note:

●Allow about 15 minutes to fully preheat the surface while you gather your steaks, kebabs, or others

  to be grilled.

●The electric heat has an adjustable range from low (For keeping food warm) to high (For searing steaks).

●The nonstick drip tray collects drippings, put some water into the drip tray while grilling to avoid oil

  cooking fumes, dry, peeling and make it easier to clean.

●After grilling is complete, wipe the cooking surface clean simply.

 Our electric coil hot plate passed CE,CB,GS,ROHS
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